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Tired of the waiting rooms and impersonal service of the urgent care clinics?

Treat yourself to the care you deserve.

From injury evaluation and treatment to X-rays, pharmacy services and physical therapy, WORKCare Clinic Tacoma wants to offer you our new vision of occupational healthcare: We blend quality care, service and convenience into one healthcare experience, attending to all your medical needs quickly and efficiently in one location so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

We’ve treated over 10,000 work injuries in the past 15 years, so we’re intimately familiar with nearly every type of injury you might experience in the workplace and the best treatment and recovery programs to get you back to optimum health. And WORKCare Clinic Tacoma deals with work related injuries only, so you won’t find yourself stuck in the cattle call of the urgent care clinics.

WORKCare Clinic Tacoma invites you to experience a better path to recovery from your occupational injuries by calling us today and making an appointment at our conveniently located central Tacoma medical clinic.

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Common Acute Work Injuries

Common Chronic Work Injuries

Don't see your injury listed here?

Don’t worry, WORKCare Clinic Tacoma has you covered.

We’ve been dealing exclusively with workplace injuries for over 15 years, and in that time we’ve treated over 10,000 patients from nearly every sector of the workforce.

From manufacturing facilities, warehouses and foodservice companies to transportation, textiles and beyond, WORKCare Clinic Tacoma provides prompt, knowledgeable and thorough care for your workplace injuries from evaluation to recovery, including:

Physical Therapy and return to work

Work injuries are always intrusive to your life, but healthcare doesn’t need to be. WORKCare Clinic Tacoma will work tirelessly on your behalf to guide you through the stress, disruption and discomfort of your workplace injury.

While WORKCare Clinic Tacoma can evaluate and treat many injuries with one visit and a follow-up, serious and chronic injuries often require a more thoughtful, complex treatment regimen over an extended period of time. We cultivate a deep understanding of exactly how your injury occurred and how the injury is negatively impacting your life, and design a treatment program to minimize your pain and discomfort while keeping you as productive as possible during your recovery.

Fortunately, we’ve dealt with thousands of workplace injuries and have developed very effective and efficient treatment programs designed to manage your pain and repair damaged tissues. From physical therapy and acupuncture to our in -house pharmacy, we’ll do our best to take care of all your medical needs in one place.

We understand your primary goal is to put your workplace injuries behind you. We want you to feel confident in your ability to return to work fully functional and pain free, and we’ll keep the lines of communication open between you, your employer and L&I about your recovery progress. If that sounds like the kind of advocate you’d like in your corner, call us today at WORKCare Clinic Tacoma and treat yourself to the care you deserve

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