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Pre-Employment Physicals

Our fast, convenient pre-employment physicals allow you to start your new job quickly, safely, and with confidence.


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Why am I taking a pre-employment physical exam?

Once you’ve been offered a position with a new employer, your employer may require you to take a pre-employment physical to ensure you have no chronic conditions, illnesses or physical limitations that might prevent you from performing the job you’ve been hired to do. By law, employers may not require you to take a pre-employment physical exam prior to offering you a job.

The pre-employment physical protects both you and your employer: Properly assessing your overall physical condition significantly reduces the potential for serious injuries and substantial medical expenses down the road. The pre-employment physical also ensures the safety of other employees and prevents excessive absenteeism and employee turnover.

Employers may only test aspects of your health that directly pertain to the performance of the job you were hired to do. A general overall scope of your health is always permitted: Your pre-employment physical will usually start with accurate current measurements of your height, weight, temperature, pulse and blood pressure, and your employer may also require you to receive certain immunizations and submit to drug/alcohol testing.

What do you need to bring with you?

Please bring the following, if applicable:

Bring any forms your employer might have supplied for your pre-employment physical.

Glasses and / or contacts

Hearing devices

Medical records and your medication history

A complete list of your current prescriptions and allergies

Please submit or download and fill out a copy of our WORKCare form here.

What can I expect during my pre-employment physical?

Most pre-employment physicals will include the following:

We’ll ask you some questions about your medical history.

We’ll check your height, weight, pulse and blood pressure. 

We’ll check your heart and lungs for impaired functionality.

We’ll take a quick study of your internal organs and press on your abdomen to check for hernias.

We’ll check your spine and take some X-rays.

We’ll check your joints and reflexes.

We may perform visual and hearing tests.

We’ll do a urinalysis to look for any abnormalities.

We’ll process a 5 panel drug test from a urine sample.

Additional testing services

WORKCare Clinic Tacoma offers a full range of additional pre-employment, return-to-work and functional capacity testing capabilities designed to ensure both employees and employers can successfully meet workplace challenges.

Some of our a-la-carte menu of services include:

We also offer testing services for emergency responders, merchant marines and OSHA medical screening and surveillance requirements.

Don’t see what you need?

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